Virtual Divorce Attorney

The age of technology has brought us virtual shopping, virtual employment, and now a virtual option for Illinois divorce services: the Virtual Divorce Attorney. Attorney Erin Birt is available as a Virtual Illinois Divorce Attorney offering any Illinois resident these virtual options in addition to family mediation, in-person divorce, and collaborative law services.

Virtual Divorce Attorney Benefits

Probably the most important benefit offered by a Virtual Divorce Attorney is cost savings coupled with custom-tailored personal service. Unlike big companies offering virtual legal services and forms, Erin will work directly with you and help you assess your needs at all times. Our custom-tailored limited-scope services can help keep your overall divorce costs down. In addition, working virtually allows for fewer days away from work and/or a smaller time commitment outside of work hours as your finalize your Illinois divorce.

Services Offered

Among other offerings, as your virtual divorce attorney, Erin can help ensure that your prepared documents are up to date and comply with current law. All communication can be handled via phone, video conferencencing, or email and all work is submitted to you for review at your convenience via email or our secure client web portal.

You save time and money and will not miss additional work while going through a difficult time. Contact us to learn how virtual divorce services can help with your divorce or separation.