Loving father.Being a parent is often challenging; parenting after a divorce can be even more so for both custodial and non-custodial parents. Creating the right parenting schedule can make this very difficult situation that much easier.

From a recent article on the site SinceMyDivorce.com, here are some tips to develop and follow a workable parenting visitation schedule.

  • Know Your Court’s Guidelines – “Many states have guidelines in place for visitation schedules,” according to the article, and it’s important to know what is allowed in your state. You can obtain these guidelines from your DuPage County Divorce Attorney.

  • Avoid Court If Possible – In other words, try to work out the details outside the court system. It’s likely that you and your ex-spouse can come up with more effective and workable results than a judge who knows almost nothing about your particular situation.

  • Consider Mediation If You’re Struggling – If you can’t work things out alone, the court may recommend or even mandate that you use family mediation. “A properly qualified mediator will be experienced in both facilitating discussions and parenting complexities so the probability of being able reach an arrangement that is acceptable to both you and your ex is increased,” states the article.

  • Complete And Submit All Required Documentation – Enlist the help of a lawyer to ensure the proper documents are completed and filed correctly. If you wish to have sole physical and legal custody of your child, you will likely have to file additional documents about your child’s relationship with the non-custodial parent.

These last two items can help ensure that your parenting schedule, once created, continues to work as intended for your new family circumstances.

  • Stay On Schedule – Whether your schedule came from mutual agreement, mediation or a judge’s decision, you must follow it once it becomes a court order. If either parent cannot or will not follow the agreed-upon schedule, it’s likely that the court will again become involved. It’s also possible to request post-divorce modifications of the schedule based on changing life situations.

  • Be Respectful Of Your Former SpouseThis is particularly important in front of your children. Let them contact their other parent when they’re with you, and remind them that both of their parents love them and want what’s best for them.

Even the most beneficial visitation arrangements can be difficult at times. Remember that staying calm and doing your best will make it easier for everyone involved and keep communications flowing.

As a qualified DuPage County Divorce Lawyer and trained mediator, I can help you create the right custody and visitation arrangements for your needs. Contact me for more information.


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