DuPage County Adoption Attorney, Erin Birt, attended the 2012 Adoption GAL Training through the DuPage County Bar Association on April 27, 2012.  Approximately 20 attorneys attended this informative program.  Ms. Birt qualifies as an approved GAL for adoption cases in the Chancery Division of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court.

In DuPage County, all adoption cases, except adult adoption cases, will be appointed a Guardian ad litem (GAL) to assist in the determination of the best interests of the adopted child.   The GAL will file an appearance on behalf of the adoptee and has the ability to file responses and motions in court as needed.  The DuPage County Adoption GAL role and duties are explained in the DuPage County Local Court Rule Article 21: Adoptions.

DuPage County Adoption GAL’s are an additional cost that adoptive parents should be informed of at the beginning of the DuPage County Adoption process.  DuPage County Adoption GAL fees are typically in addition to an adoption attorney’s fees.  A DuPage County Adoption GAL’s hourly fee, on average, is $250.00 per hour and on average the DuPage County Adoption total fees are $1,000.00, however fees and total costs depend on the issues presented in the case.  If the matter is contested, the total fees will vary and may increase based on the complexity of the issues.  DuPage County Adoption GAL’s will provide the parties and the Court with a detailed invoice of their services.

Contact DuPage County Adoption Attorney, Erin Birt, to navigate through the DuPage County Adoption process.  The Law Firm of Erin N. Birt, P.C. provides various DuPage County Adoption Services and Ms. Birt qualifies as a DuPage County Adoption GAL.